End of the Day at the Stable - Verschuur, Wouterus

Fine Art

Verschuur, Wouterus

Wouterus Verschuur Senior was a Dutch painter of equestrian scenes. He delighted in the beauty of working horses in rustic locations such as farmyards and stables and was a great follower of the Old Master painter, Philips Wouwerman.

Verschuur studied in Amsterdam under Pieter Gerardus van Os and Cornelis Steffelar and worked later with Cornelis Springer, Peter Christ, and Cornelis van Bolt. Between 1842 and 1868, he lived in The Hague, Doorn and Amsterdam.

His work was regularly exhibited between 1828 and 1872 at the Living Artists Exhibitions in Amsterdam, Leuwarden, and The Hague. In 1831 and 1832, he was awarded the Felix Meritis prize and became a member of the Royal Academy of Amsterdam in 1833, then in 1839 the Arti et Amicitiae group.