A River Landscape with a Cattle Ferry - Ruysdael, Salomon van

Fine Art

Ruysdael, Salomon van

Salomon Jacobsz van Ruysdael was born in Naarden around 1600. His father was Jacob Jansz de Goyer, a cabinetmaker from Gooiland. Early in his life, Salomon used his father’s name, de Goyer (of Gooiland), but later following the example of his eldest brother, he adopted the name Ruysdael. The name is thought to have come from the castle of Ruijschdaal in Gooiland, which may at one time have been a family possession.

Shortly after his father’s death in 1616, Salomon and one of his brothers Isaak who was also a painter, frame maker and art dealer, moved to Haarlem. Salomon entered the city’s St Luke’s Guild in 1623 under the name Salomon de Goyer. It is possible he studied in Haarlem with Esias van de Velde and seems to have lived and worked in the city for his entire life. In 1647 and 1651, Ruysdael was recorded as a merchant dealing in blue dye for Haarlem’s bleacheries. He was buried in St. Bravo’s Church in Haarlem in 1670.