Emanations: OE M_18.64 - Square, Pi

Fine Art

Square, Pi

Warsaw, born 1977

Emanations: OE M_18.64


Acrylic on canvas
47 x 47 inches (119 x 119 cm)
Framed dimensions: 51 x 51 inches (129.5 x 129.5 cm)
Signed verso


Studio of the Artist


Artist’s Statement

Since the beginning of my days, I was fascinated with the simplicity of a line and the perfect repeatability of a circle. My dreams were pervaded with mathematical expression manifested in shapes. Painting is a sophisticated dialogue with people and the surroundings — within my art, I retain the intellectual thought and power that I want to convey to the audience. I leave absolute freedom for individual interpretation and space for exploration.

An abstract artist with a passion for abstract minimalism, op-art and geometry. Constructivism, functionalism, conceptualism and spirituality are the fuel for everything I do. Educated in sculpture, found in painting. Born in 1977, with a mind eternally trying to understand, an obsessive perfectionist.

My design ethos

Today, it often seems as though the values of love, honesty and concern for another human being are no longer worthwhile. They have been replaced by money, beauty straight from under the scalpel and greed, which is the driving force to act and reach for more. In the process of evolution, we slowly kill life in all its manifestations, thus striving for the absolute dehumanization.

Through my painting, I want to see and perceive only good, to see it even when it is not there. In my creative process, I entered construction through destruction. I try to grasp the idea of love, to wake up a longing for it. True and pure love. The only strength-giving energy. When I paint, I get closer to the mathematical order of the world, the precision of its creation and the love that binds and gives an AUTHENTIC, living life. We live on Earth as if we were the first… as if we were the last, and we are just a crumb, a short moment that, when it appears, may survive and last forever or die. It is up to us what decision we make. Eternity can be the result, eternal life in love, in God.

Why Pi Square?

My person is not important here. It is not the point. I am only a tool, the images are my mouth, my voice that I wish to be heard. Painting is my exchange with the world, here and now. I have no personality that is shocking or saturated with pathos. I am an ordinary person. I don’t want all this hustle and bustle, distractions…


In my work, the viewer will not find politics, global problems that consume the world, or armed conflicts. The world has too much despair, harm, injustice, violence … It is our everyday life that surrounds and suffocates. My painting is an affirmation of life, an attempt to bring out what is still beautiful in humanity. It is an attempt to yearn for your better self, for a better tomorrow.

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