Deep Blue Square - Anuszkiewicz, Richard

Fine Art

Anuszkiewicz, Richard

Active in New Jersey, 

Deep Blue Square


Acrylic on board
12 x 12 inches (30.5 x 30.5 cm)
Framed dimensions:  13 x 13 inches (33 x 33 cm)
Signed, titled and dated verso: Richard Anuszkiewicz 1981 Deep Blue Square


Private Collection, CA


Richard Anuszkiewicz was born in 1930, in Erie, Pennsylvania. A contemporary American artist celebrated for his geometric abstract art and his role in the Op Art movement of the 1960s. Op Art, short for Optical Art, is characterized by visual illusions and the use of optical effects to create a sense of movement or depth.

Anuszkiewicz’s work often features vibrant and contrasting colors arranged in intricate geometric patterns. One of his most famous series is the “Homage to the Square,” which consists of concentric squares that create the illusion of depth and movement. The careful arrangement of colors in these paintings produces optical effects that challenge the viewer’s perception and create a dynamic visual experience.

The artist’s exploration of color theory and visual perception has had a significant impact on the world of art. Anuszkiewicz’s paintings are not only visually striking but also provoke contemplation about the nature of color, form, and the ways in which our eyes perceive visual stimuli.

Anuszkiewicz’s career includes numerous exhibitions in major art institutions and galleries around the world. His works can be found in prestigious collections, and he has been influential in shaping the discourse around abstract art.

In conclusion, Richard Anuszkiewicz is a prominent figure in the realm of Op Art, known for his innovative use of color and form to create visually engaging and optically challenging works of art. His contributions have left a lasting impact on the world of contemporary art, inspiring artists and viewers alike to reconsider the possibilities of visual perception and abstraction.

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