A Man with a Pipe in an Interior - Dusart, Cornelis

Fine Art

Dusart, Cornelis

Born in Haarlem, Cornelis Dusart carried out the whole of his training and career there. He was apprenticed to Adriaen van Ostade, quickly establishing himself as the most promising of van Ostade’s pupils and on January 10, 1679, entered the Guild of Saint Luke in Haarlem. However, little else is known about Dusart’s life after his appointment in 1692 to hoofdman (leader) of the painters’ guild. During his lifetime he was known primarily as a painter of peasant scenes, as well as a draftsman and etcher. His works frequently illustrate an element of caricature. His style remained closely reminiscent of van Ostade’s until roughly 1682, when Dusart began to develop a more personal style.