Carriages in the snow - Arntzenius, Pieter Florentius Nicolaas Jacobus

Fine Art

Arntzenius, Pieter Florentius Nicolaas Jacobus

Floris Arntzenius received his early artistic training from the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Fellow artists were Isaac Israels, Willem Witsen and also George Breitner; Arntzenius held especially high regard for Breitner because of his impressionistic technique of painting. After completing his studies in Amsterdam, Artzenius studied for a period of time in Antwerp. He returned to Amsterdam and began to specialize in depicting city views and landscapes.

After moving to The Hague in 1892, Arntzenius became rather successful and popular both in Holland and internationally. At that time he began painting spontaneous impressions of the busy city life in The Hague. He particularly excelled in depicting the city during times of inclement weather – often during rainy spells or when the snow had recently fallen.