Fine Art

Francois Gall

French, 1912-1987

Jeunne femme a course a auteuil

Oil on canvas
18 x 15 inches (45.7 x 38 cm)
Framed: 21 1/2 x 24 1/2 inches (54.6 x 62.2 cm)
Signed: F. gall


Private Collection, Florida

Francois Gall was born in Kolozsvar in Hungary in 1912. He began his artistic studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and was awarded a scholarship in 1930 from the Hungarian government. Gall moved to Paris in 1936 and became a French citizen in 1942. Gall established himself in Paris and became a student of Devambez at the National Academy of Fine Arts. The artist greatly admired the first generation of Impressionists and adopted their concepts for his own interpretations.

Gall was an impressionist painter in the pure French tradition. The Parisian scenes and portrayals of women engaged in typically feminine activities were among his preferred subjects. The artist participated in various Salon exhibitions in Paris and became a favorite with the public. In 1939 he was awarded the Silver Medal at the Salon d'Asnieres. In 1963, he was honored with the Francis Smith Prize. Gall was elected the Elected vice-president of the Society of Independent Artists in 1977 and becamce president of the National Union of painters and sculptors professional in 1987. Gall died in 1987.

Gall presents a very charming scene at the racetrack in our painting. It is the moment right after a race, where horses and jockeys are led out from the track and people in the audience are either observing the horses or adjusting their outfits. Gall’s excellent sense for color is apparent in the composition. The bright green grass brings out the red and the orange colors of the jockeys’ sweaters, as well as the color of the woman’s lips. The blue and lavender sky brings the focus toward the woman in the lower right corner, as the color of her dress is echoed by the sky. The overall atmosphere is filled with a sense of leisure and enjoyment. This painting exemplifies Gall’s unique style and is a wonderful example of his work.