Fine Art

Paul Chaigneau

France, 19th Century

Troupeau de Moutons avec Bergere

Oil on canvas
16 x 25 3/4 inches (40.64 x 65.4 cm)
Framed: 26 3/4 x 36 1/4 inches
Signed: P. Chaigneau


Private collection, California

Paul Chaigneau was a 19th century French artist who specialized in landscapes and animal paintings.  His work bears a striking resemblance to that of Jean Ferdinand Chaigneau, who was also a landscape and animal painter.

Paul Chaigneau was especially adept at painting pastoral scenes incorporating flocks of sheep.  Troupeau de Moutons avec Berger highlights this subject.  In this scene, we find a flock led by a shepherd and his dog; the setting sun highlights their movement home.  The warm pink rays of the setting sun outline the cloud in the sky.  The shape of the massive cloud imitates that of the flock of sheep, almost like a reflection in a pool of water.  Chaigneau includes iconic haystacks in the background, which are similarly set alight by the glowing sunset.